Seeds of Greatness Ministries - We Believe There Is Greatness In You!

At Seeds of Greatness Ministries we believe “church” does not start and stop at our front door.  Just as we have had an opportunity to hear the Good News, we want to extend that to as many people as possible, while meeting practical, every-day needs. We hold very dear our core values of teamwork, leadership, integrity and excellence and we strive continuously to achieve our purpose: To Develop Leaders and Build Strong Christian Families!  


Seeds of Greatness continues to conduct several events each year specifically designed to reach out to the community. All of these events have been completely free of charge: marriage seminars, health fairs with medical screenings and advice, summer vacation bible school, Candyland Experience (a Halloween alternative for youth,) monthly pizza teen night, Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving Dinner, Mother’s Day gifts for seniors and unwed mothers, New Year’s Breakfast, etc. Each of these events, and many more, generated record attendance with hundreds of people, but more importantly people knew God cared and experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healing as a result of these efforts.

Supporting Others
SOGBC associate ministers thrive under the mentorship of Pastor Jerome Lewis who leads by example in outreach efforts. Our ministers have also had several engagements throughout the Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area including speaking at churches, conferences, building dedications and conducting devotions for the University of Maryland football team.

Providing prayer and care is a regular part of the Outreach Team's ministry to the elderly at the Kentmere Nursing Care Center in Wilmington, DE. During the months of May-August the team also travels to local neighborhoods and housing developments to witness to the people, spreading the love and Word of God.

Our Outreach Team also organizes a group of anointed volunteers to minister twice a month at the New Castle County Detention Center in Wilmington, DE. We want young people to know that their history does not have to define their future, and that through the forgiving grace of Christ they can move their life in a better direction. Each week, the team provides teaching on a practical level such as goal-setting and planning, followed by a Q&A session to provide specific answers to questions they have, and ending with a time of group or one-on-one prayer.

We are also privileged to work on projects with the
Door of Hope Center, an agency providing education and support during pregnancy and an impactful abstinence awareness program. We have taught God’s Word during their “Two Days of Prayer” program and have taken part in their Baby Bottle Boomerang coin drive for the past several years.

Girlfriends! for Domestic Violence Victims

Girlfriends!, our women’s under the leadership of First Lady Lisa Lewis, has become a central part of our local outreach efforts. Each year the ministry hosts a Domestic Violence Awareness Breakfast to remember the victims and celebrate the survivors of this abuse. 

This Breakfast has had a tremendous impact on the community as a result.  Letters constantly pour in testifying to the eye-opening education and life-changing encouragement both men and women have experienced. In addition, practical needs are addressed.  The ministry created the “Fresh Start Program” which donates monies throughout the year to support local women's shelters and charities helping battered women and children restart their lives. To date, Girlfriends! has raised thousands of dollars in cash and gifts which can take many forms, including but not limited to gift cards, school supplies, personal hygiene products, and winter coats.

National and International Reach

Seeds of Greatness' impact can be felt across our nation and in various parts of the world.  Through mentoring various ministers and support other organizations, Seeds of Greatness has been able to minister the Word of God, encourage and build up leaders, and to conduct seminars on leadership, teamwork and church management throughout the United States. Additionally, Seeds of Greatness supports numerous global projects, international ministries and missionaries as they extend their hand to the poor, preach the Word of God and promote health and healing.