Dominion:  Supreme Authority or Sovereignty; To Govern, Rule, Control or Master!

Genesis 1:26 shows us that it has always been God’s intention for us to have dominion on the earth. The age of 30 seems to be a special time of maturity when people from Joseph, to David, from John the Baptist to Jesus Himself, were launched into service.

Similarly, this team declares it’s time to take Dominion. Whether serious or fun-filled, various events throughout the year will underscore their determination not to be subject to sickness, disease, fear, sin or death but rather to live up to their original purpose in these vital years.  As they say,
‘The Creator always equips the Creation with everything it needs to fulfill its purpose so Dominion, you were made for this!’

Co-Directors, Lamar and Christina Waples

Co-Directors, James and Keesha Lee

Co-Directors, Che and Tanerra Willis

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