“Our Hospitality Ministry helps to create opportunities to pause and interact socially with one another. It can be a time to catch up on things, a time to make plans, a time to foster new relationships, etc.”

Deborah Santos, Co-Director

Verel Collins, Co-Director

Rose Benn, Co-Director

Phyllis Fisher, Co-Director

Good food and good fellowship seem to go hand-in-hand and this team knows how to prepare and serve good food.

Whether it’s celebrating a special event, serving at a home-going service, or faithfully ending each Sunday service on a high note, our hospitality team is gifted at making us feel cared for and loved. The team of men and women works behind the scenes, restocking supplies, buying snacks, and organizing shifts all in order to enhance the fellowship times of our events and services.

As we grow, so does the work of the ministry, so more hands are always appreciated.

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