Exousia (ages 30-39)
Directors: Gary & Cherita Weatherspoon

"I enjoy the fact that each event is always so different and it’s a great opportunity to meet and fellowship with people that I wouldn’t ordinarily get to hang out with.  And there’s always plenty of food served!"

Exousia means "delegated influence, jurisdiction, authority, liberty, power, right, or strength." It speaks to the authority Jesus gave to His disciples and subsequently to us as believers in Him. The Exousia group, spanning ages from 30-39, focuses on activities centered around fellowship with one another, building relationships, and having fun, while practically living out the love of God. Past events have included bowling parties, mystery dinner theatre, game night, and mentoring our teens, to name just a few.  Events are scheduled at varying times throughout the year. 

If you are between the ages of 30-39, we invite you to participate in our next event and guarantee a great time will be had by all.